Payback AB was founded in 2008 and until 2011, contacts were made around the world. In 2011, a collaboration with affluent Schaefferoil was launched from St. Louis in the United States.

The business

Payback AB is a Swedish family company that supplies products in lubricants and chemicals. The company started in 2008 and has awards from Almi Tillväxtligan as well as the Entrepreneur of the Year 2014. Payback AB has the whole of Scandinavia as a market, since the beginning of 2015 we have distributors in Finland and Denmark.

Quality Policy

Our ambition is that our entire organization will only penetrate high quality.

We always strive to:

  • Provide the right product, to the right application with expected quality.
  • Our staff are committed and competent and have the ability to meet customer needs.
  • We are working on continuous improvements in the company’s entire processes.

Environmental policy

Payback AB aims to strive to minimize the impact on nature and the environment as far as possible in balance with quality and economy. We will provide products that are selected according to performance and environmental aspects.

Customer in the center!

We strive for personal and long-term business relationships. Therefore, we consider it crucial that our customers see us as a reliable supplier.


A selection of our customers

Roskilde Racing Center
Power Stow
Per Aarsleff A/S